Since 1981, this Manhattan LGBT venue has been a pioneer on the scene with loads of adventures through its rich 33 year history. With roots in Fire Island & Key West, The Monster has been host to “homos” since the 1970s!


The Nightclub named after a carved wooden sea serpent from a Coney Island carousel became a bona fide hit from the get go.  With its fine-dining experience & classic Disco it became legendary hosting many celecrities from the political & film world.  In the past 3 decades there have been 3 awesome locations.  The most famous location premiered in ’71 as the flagship or original Fire Island Monster.  The 70’s and 80’s were heady times in the Key West Monster-which was equally famous with many of the ‘Studio 54’ crowd snowbirds flying down to disco the nights away.

Originally called El Chico in the 30’s & 40’s, this hot spot was a Supper Club showcasing flamenco floor shows held in the downstairs & hosted celebrities like Ingrid Bergman, Tony Bennett and Jose Greco.  From the 60’s movie The Apartment, Jack Lemmon says to Shirley McClaine, “I know a place in the Village, we can dance, where they have great music called EL CHICO.”


Although we no longer serve dinners, we continue with finger food, monstersized drinks, great music & good dialogue.  Our Monday Sabor Latino show is extremely popular replete with Salsa & Merengue music!  The Monster retains a nostalgic atmosphere here in the heart of historic Greenwich Village, something often missing from the newest trendy spots.

The venue hosts bridal showers, wedding & anniversary parties & remains a rollicking, fun, equal-opportunity spot where anyone who’s anyone can enjoy themselves.  The Monster has been included to the recently published Zagat Survey 2014 New York City Nightlife, Best Happy Hour, Place to Be with good reviews.  No surprise that celebrities continue to enjoy our hospitality: Mickey Rourke, a village neighbor, stopped by to recall his fond memories of the joint from the 80’s with some wild recollections of The Monster; Cheyenne Jackson, Adam Lambert & Alan Cumming have been the most recent visitors; actors Chloe Sevigny, James Franco have come; Gaga’s photographer Terri Richardson gave a Fabulous Party; singer Robyn took The Monster stage to make this year UberFestive, then performed on Saturday Night Live!

The place to be in 2014 is New York, New York, along with legions of Yankees’, Mets’, Giants’, Rangers’ & Lady Gaga’s fans.  Holidays: NYE, PRIDE & HALLOWEEN at the World Famous Monster are always packed until 4am – with well-behaved, happy, pretty patrons.  Cheers from All of The Monsterettes!

Celebrity Galore

Recently, Sarah Jessica Parker, Matthew Broderick and Andy Cohen popped in during our Sunday Disco Tea Dance (6pm; free), to twirl and boogie on down with legendary Drag Queen DJ Lady Bunny! You never know who you might bump into! A classic NYC moment!!

Luminous patrons, regulars like Tennessee Williams, Eartha Kitt, Leonard Bernstien, Stephen Sondhiem, Grace Jones, Maxine Andrews, (just to name a few) could be seen in the joint.  In NYC the current operations Manhattan Monster Inc. remains strong.  As a part of the entertainment biz & steward of a great legacy we are carrying forth nightly events for another generation yet to come.  The Monster, with its English Pub facade, is quite popular with cabaret acts, TV & film shoots: we have been location & backdrop numerous times to VH1, Sex & the City, Law & Order, and CSI.

Our film location credits include: Tom Cruise’s Vanilly Sky & Lindsay Lohan’s On Top It.  The Monster has 2 floors of fun: Piano Bar Upstairs where Met Opera Star Deborah Voight loves to sing at the piano (you never know who you might bump into here).  We’ve got Broadway & film stars, or just Boogie On Down to the Disco, ‘Shake Your Booty’ on Turntable Tuesdays when the DJ heats up the dance floor with tunes from across the Disco Spectrum.

(212) 924-3558
80 Grove St.
New York, NY 10014
M-F: 4pm-4am S-S 2pm-4am